More on why white folk are disgruntled Noah Smith on the dashed expectations of white people during the financial crisis. Basically, if you thought you were going to retire easy in 2007, you’d be pretty disappointed right now.

Critics of this theory will point out that whites in coastal cities that had the biggest housing bubbles tended to go for Hillary Clinton. But the educated whites who tended to lean toward Clinton have an additional kind of wealth – human capital, the value of their skills and credentials. That wealth didn’t decline when housing crashed. But for many whites without a college degree, housing wealth – and maybe a pension or 401(k) – was all they had.


Indivisible, an effective answer to the Tea Party Particularly:

“It doesn’t matter who we take money from — we’re always going to get blamed as a Soros group, even if we don’t take money from Soros,” said Padilla, now an analyst with the National Immigration Law Center. “That’s one of the attacks and that’s fine.”


The Indivisible manual is often blunt about what it says members of Congress really tick — and how protesters might use it to their advantage. One chart compares what “your MoC cares a lot about” (an example: “an interest group’s endorsement”) vs. what a lawmaker “doesn’t care much about” (for one, “your thoughtful analysis of the proposed bill”).

My goodness, liberals may just be learning themselves a little bit of politics.

Tyler Cowan’s Fascism Reading List Reassuring?

Overall I did not conclude that we Americans are careening toward fascist outcomes. I do not think that notion is well-suited to the great complexity of contemporary bureaucracy, nor to our more feminized and also older societies. Furthermore, in America democracy has taken much deeper roots and the system of checks and balances, whatever its flaws, has stood for a few hundred years, contra either Italy or Germany in their fascist phases.

Still, I did not find this reading reassuring, as people will support many bad things in politics. The Italian war in Ethiopian was remarkably popular, but exactly why? We Americans could (again) do something quite bad, but without being fascists.